s a financial manager, your challenge is to stay up to date on the knowledge you need to enhance your practice, your agency, and your relationships with other governmental entities and with government consultants. Now you can access comprehensive Federal Financial Management information, related federal policy and procedure regulations, reports, and other links to web sites with federal financial information through your own web portal.

Financial Management Services, Inc. has developed an integrated solution to respond to Federal Financial Managers information needs.  The Executive Portal provides an initial step to federal managers information independence.  The E-Portal integrates the following software products and provides links to Federal Government Regulations, Reports and illustrative cross-walks to OMB Form and Content, and other Federal Regulatory and agency management reports:

  • COGNOS Upfront - Web Portal, Design, Development and Operation software.

  • COGNOS Impromptu - Ad-Hoc Report Writer software

  • COGNOS PowerPlay - On-line Analytical Processing software


The COGNOS UPFRONT design, development, and operation portal software provides the integration tool that links Federal Financial Management information to related regulatory policy, procedures, and reports and agencies unique financial information to form the CFO Portal.  COGNOS UPFRONT provides an integrated look at agency financial data and regulations through the following CFO Portal Information Views.

  4Federal Regulations View
  4Federal Reports View
  4Form and Content View

The CFO Portal also provides hyperlinks to agencies internal web pages and external pages including: CFO Council, CIO Council, and FirstGov,gov.   In addition the CFO Portal also provides the capability to develop "personal" portal links through the systems "NewsBox" and connectivity to E-Learning and Knowledge Management Internet Web services.








Federal Regulations View

The Federal Regulation View provides users connectivity to Federal regulatory policy and procedure requirements.  Hyperlinks have been created to access:

The Federal Regulation View provides the user with a convenient access portal to the primary financial policy and procedure requirements that must be met by agencies financial management systems.  In addition, the COGNOS UPFRONT software provides the user to capability to modify the systems off-the-shelf links to include any additional links or remove those that are not required.

Federal Reports View

The Federal Reports View provides the user with a convenient access portal to the primary Federal Government central financial agencies reports.  Hyperlinks have been created to access:

Like the Federal Regulations View, the Federal Reports View also provides the user the capability to modify  the systems off-the-shelf links to include any additional links or remove those links that are not required.

Form and Content View

The Form and Content View provides the user with a convenient access portal to the required Federal Government agency reports as defined by the Office of Management and Budget and agency unique financial reports.  Using COGNOS PowerPlay and Impromptu Report Writers a JFMIP Qualification Test database, and the Department of the Treasury, Financial Management Service SGL Cross-walk, sample reports have been developed for the following regulatory reports:

In addition, various On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) views and Ad-hoc reports have been developed to illustrate how the same financial data, used to produce the foregoing reports, may be accessed for analysis and decision-making.  OLAP and Ad-hoc report views relating to agency SGL accounting transactions and Status of Funds have been developed for illustration as to how OLAP "drill-down" capabilities of COGNOS software can provide a detail analysis of agencies financial information.  The agency unique data can be displayed in both cross-tab and various graphical forms.  The Form and Content View can be easily reconfigured to the agencies core accounting system by the user or by FMSI and COGNOS financial consultants for an additional fee

Web Links and NewsBox View

System customization is provided to allow the user to personalize the CFO Portal to each user's individual needs. The system is delivered with two custom link Views:

  • Web Links View:  A Web Link View is provided that includes hyperlinks to the following Federal Internet Locations:

  • CFO Council

  • CIO Council

  • First Gov

  • NewsBox View:

    • NewsBox View is provided that allows the user to add any hyperlinks that are considered individually important. Hyperlinks included in the NewsBox View may only be seen by the user.  COGNOS UPFRONT security facility provides the system administrator to control security access to all Executive Portal modules.

E-Learning and Knowledge Management

Through an arrangement with Generation 21 Learning Systems, Inc., FMSI has included a hyperlink to the Federal Financial Primer, Total Knowledge Management (TKMä) system.  This link provides access to a working model of an E-Learning and Knowledge Management system.

  • Federal Financial Primer Content

The Federal Financial Primer’s content follows the JFMIP financial management precepts and adds comprehensive tests that meet the JFMIP’s core accounting requirement guidelines. Courseware is also based upon Office of Management and Budget, Department of the Treasury, Financial Management Service, and Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB) financial management concepts, standards, policies and procedures. 

Moreover, through the International Institute of Business Technologies, the Federal Financial Primer courseware will be certified for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) accreditation. Learners will be able to earn CPE credit to maintain the Association of Government Accountants, Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM) program certification.

  • Enhanced E-Learning Capabilities

The Federal Financial Primer is the only e-learning program that couples coherent, rigorous curriculum designed specifically for financial managers with the availability, accessibility, and flexibility of the Internet. It delivers the convenience of all this—and more:

  • Research and Reference Functionality: Learners can access an electronic library of federal financial management documents that serve as the basis for courseware development. They can search the library by document title, author, description, keyword, and publisher. In addition, users can search courseware material. We call it “Instant Knowledge.”

  • Collaboration Capabilities: Learners can collaborate with each other and with subject matter experts via chat rooms and message boards.

  • Federal Financial Primer Introductory Courses

Introductory courses have been developed for the following E-Learning areas:

     4Federal Accounting Concepts and Standards
4Reconciling Fund Balances with Treasury
    4Financial Links to Program Success

User Name: federal
Password: federal

  • Delivery Methodology

The Federal Financial Primer features a “learning object” methodology hosted in an E-Learning, Application Service Provider (ASP) information technology environment. Generation21 Learning Systems currently hosts the Primer at its Golden, Colorado web site A federal government ASP providing cross-service, interagency agreement acquisition is coming soon!

ZERO Footprint and PDA Compatibility

The CFO Portal is a Zero footprint web based system.  Users interact with the system through standard Internet Browsers.  No specialized software is required to access the CFO Portal’s information.  The system also supports Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) technology either online or through scheduled desktop/PDA synchronization.  CFO Portal development is also supported through Internet LAN server capability.

COGNOS CFO Portal E-Link

You can view an illustration of the COGNOS CFO Portal at the following Internal URL:


This is a graphical representation of the CFO Portal.  A "live" demonstration and additional information regarding technical IT requirements can be arranged by contacting Jeffrey Ott at telephone: 703-288-2149, email: Jeffrey.Ott@cognos.com