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Saturday, November 25, 2006


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Lightning Art Auction Deck 10 Royal Caribbean Online & Internet
Main Pool Miscellaneous Items Ice Carving Demonstration
Riptide At The South Pacific Lounge Superstar Karaoke At The South Pacific Lounge Michael James In The Palladium Theater

I woke up at 9:30 AM and caught up on my journal for an hour.  Figuring I’d find mom and dad in the Windjammer Café I headed up to Deck 9.  As I got to the Windjammer Café they were walking out.  Dad wanted to check email and call Craig.  I don’t think I wrote this earlier but dad’s computer doesn’t pick up the ship Wi-Fi for some reason so he’sDad And Mom Calling Craig Over Internet In Viking Crown Lounge been using mine.

 Rear Of The Grandeur Of The Seas

I decided we needed to see a different part of the ship so I told them to meet me in the Viking Lounge over looking the pool at the top of the ship.  I went and retrieved my laptop and met them there.  I checked my email quickly and let dad do what he needed to do.  I walked around the pool deck for awhile and met them again.  I saw Shelly from yesterday while walking around and told her we were going to the art auction again.


I dropped my laptop off and we browsed the art that was going to be auctioned today.  The one good thing about this cruise and the art auctions is that they have all the art displayed fairly organized by artist around the Centrum.  My Waikiki Beach hand embellished Alexander Chen was out again.  Dad marked it to be brought up to auction and told me to go ahead and purchase it.  I was the only bidder and we got it forSolarium Pool $630. 


Main Pool On Deck 9 Of The Grandeur Of The SeasAfter I got that picture I took mom upstairs to watch the ice sculptor.  I got her a virgin strawberry daiquiri while we waited.  The guy came out to carve a swan and there was a girl from the cruise director’s staff announcing what he was doing and how he learned his craft.  At one point she asked the crowd how old we thought the sculptor was old.  After a bunch of guesses she told the crowd he was 80 years old and he had been frozen in ice for years and thawed out to make ice sculptors for RoyalMom And Glenn With Strawberry Daquiris Caribbean.  Of course mom said on the way back to the art auction she can’t believe he was 80 years old.  I tried to explain to her that the girl was kidding but she wouldn’t believe me.


Dad bid on all the mystery pieces while we were gone and said that Clyde had just bought a picture of 3 wine bottles for $300, then the next item was a mystery bid which ended up being 3 photos of 6 bottles of wine that went for $300.  He joked that Clyde should have just waited and he could have doubled his wine bottle collection with the mystery bid.


Rustico Perez With Swan Ice SculptureAn eagle mom liked came up and we got it for her for $130.  Clyde and Debbie bought a few more items, I think we’ve created a monster.  Clyde also bought a Wasserman painting of Walt Disney’s Tinker Bell for $950.


Dad joked during one of the mystery bids that Chad should get a photo of himself then sell it as the mystery bid for some ridiculous price.  We approached him after the auction and told him our idea.  He took it one step farther and said he’d go up to the Adventure Ocean Kids Club and get the kids to do pictures of him to put up as the mystery bid item.


After the auction we headed up to Ben & Jerry’s so dadChad And Sarah At The Lightning Art Auction could get his milk shake of the day.  We chilled out on Deck 6 in the Centrum area for awhile before we went up to Royal Caribbean Online to score of the Maryland – Wake Forest football game.  Miraculously, Miami beat Boston College on Thanksgiving so the Maryland – Wake Forest game will decide who goes to the ACC Championship Game in Jacksonville to play Georgia Tech for the right to go to the Orange Bowl.  No one in the country would have thought the Maryland – Wake Forest game would be one of the biggest games in the ACC this year.  They were picked to finish at the bottom of their division.  I do have reservations right now for every city that Maryland can possibly play in a bowl game this year. 


Desiree Monsurate At Superstar KaraokeNext we went to the South Pacific Lounge to play Bingo but we were a little late so just watched a couple of games.  We left during the fill the whole card jackpot game so we could beat the crowd out.  Mom and dad wanted to rest a little before heading to dinner in an hour.


We went to dinner and we saw Clyde and Debbie outside the dining room but they never arrived at our dinner table.  I hope everything is alright.  I had Maryland Crab Cakes, Foccacia Salad, Lamb T-Bones and Baked Alaska.  Everything was really good.  They might have been Maryland Crab Cakes but they weren’t made of Maryland Crabs. Dale The Superstar Karaoke Judge AKA Eric Dowis The Cruise Director


 Alison was funny at dinner tonight.  Her dad John ordered the crab cakes as a second appetizer and for the first time at dinner he sat next to Alison.  Well without him seeing it she scarfed down the entire crab cake.  She had the great mischievous smile while her dad was telling her mom what she had done.  Dad had an interesting meal.  He got the crab cakes and New England clam chowder for appetizers and then got six crab cakes for dinner.  He only ended up eating four.  I had one Eric had one and we tried to get Alison to eat another but she wouldn’t eat them.


After dinner we made our usual trek to the Art Gallery to pay for our Alexander Chen and eagle print.  Mom was exhausted so I took them back to their room and I went to the Palladium Theatre to see Michael James.  He was great, the best show so far.  He was a comedian, juggler, unicycle rider and his closing act was him climbing a 10 foot single ladder and juggling at the same time.  My description is terrible but it was hilarious.  He really screwed with some of the old people in the front row.

 Michael James Balancing On A Ladder And Spinning Rings

He kept pretending to ride the unicycle off the stage or fall off the ladder of the stage and the same couple kept falling for the same joke.  He brought one older lady up on stage and put her on his shoulders and rode the unicycle.  Everything he did with a funny touch.  He had one of the Royal Caribbean dancers, Dana, as his assistant and she was dressed in an incredibly hot outfit.  He was on top of the ladder and called her out to hand him props on top of the ladder.  She would get cat calls from the audience and then the light man would keep following her off stage.  He was stranded on top of this ladder with no light and would keep trying to get everyone’s attention that were following Dana’s exit off the stage.


After the show I came back to load my pictures in the computer and watch a little of the USC – Notre Dame football game on television.  USC started off quick and were leading 21-3 when I left to watch Karaoke Superstar Round 2.  I found out watching the game that Maryland lost to Wake Forest though, what a bummer.


John and Carol had been saying how funny Karaoke Superstar had been and they wereRiding A Unicycle With Audience Member And Crash Helmet On Shoulders telling truth.  The highlight of the show is Eric the cruise director playing a redneck Royal Caribbean employee name Dale as one of the three judges.  This was Round 2 in which there were 5 singers with 2 moving on to the finals in the Palladium Theater later in the cruise.


The first singer was Desiree’ our new little friend from the Chocolate Buffet a few nights earlier.  She sang a Norah Jones song and was great.  She sounded just like her.  Dale asked her about her name Desiree’ and why she had that little ‘ at the end.  Desiree’ tried to play with him saying why he cared since he couldn’t write anyway.  Which I thought was a good comeback except for when he said he knew how to write a lower score. 


The last performer was an older man, Buddy, who sang a great version of New York, New York.  Buddy was dressed in a completely  purple suit with a purple tie.  Dale didn’t go to the obvious plum comparisons but said he looked like a punk rocker with his silver hair matching his purple suit because of the stage lights.  He told him just needed some piercings and he would be all set with the younger crowd.  Dad really enjoyed the show and I’m sure we will be going to the rest of them.  Desiree’ and Buddy won and advanced to the finals.  We’ll have to go for sure to see Desiree’ sing again. 


I’m back in the room now finishing my journal for the day and watching the end of the football game.  The score is now 31-17 USC.  I’ll post the final score tomorrow.  I was 5 pages down on the next day and remembered to come back and post the score.  I’m not certain but I think the final was 44-27 USC.  Notre Dame got to 37-27 and went for an onside kick and USC returned it for a touchdown. 


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