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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


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Grandeur of the Seas Docked At King's Wharf, Bermuda
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King's Wharf/Royal Naval Dockyards Hamilton, Bermuda Sea Express Ferry To The Grandeur of the Seas
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Bermuda Historical Society Museum Glenn Smith In The Palladium Theater


I woke up at 7:30 AM and watched ESPN for about Ĺ hour before getting ready to go for the day.  I headed to mom and dadís room.  I gave them the choice of the Great Gatsby Dining Room or Windjammer Cafť but they wouldnít make a decision so I headed towards the Windjammer Cafť.  It was packed again but the weather was nice enough to eat at a table outside near the pool.


I had a pretty decent salmon, shrimp and cheese omelet.  The most comical moment of the morning was when dad asked me if I had their passports, which I didnít.  He went down to the cabin to find them but couldnít so he came back.  He decides now is a good time to check his jacket and there they were.  Important safety tip, always check your clothing for things before running down to your cabin. 

 Royal Naval Dockyards at King's Wharf, Bermuda

Mom finally finished her breakfast and we went down to catch the ferry to Hamilton.  I stopped and got a bottle of water which ended up costing us.  The first ferry wasnít supposed to be until 10:30 AM and it was about 9:45 AM when we got to the ferry.  They had just taken up the ramp and were heading to Hamilton without us.  I walked around taking some pictures of the Grandeur of the Seas and came back to mom and dad.  There was a booth with the ferry name for the ferry that I was going to take a picture of with the ferry arriving, or at least I thought I would.  Imagine my surprise when a bulldozer came by and picked up the booth to move it.  So much for that idea. 


Next a guy came by and told us the next ferry was down the pier about 500 yards.  We had been first in line for this ferry location and by the time we arrived at the second ferry we were near the back.  With the way this morning was going I was sure we would miss this ferry also but I felt better when a guy came by with a number counter and passed us.  We finally got on the express ferry and headed to Hamilton.

 Flag Court In Front Of The Grandeur Of The Seas In King's Wharf, Bermuda

It was overcast but in the mid 70Ďs so I went to the upper deck and made the ride on the outside deck.  There are lots of pink house and buildings all over the island.  You can tell it really is a small island on the ride over.  I saw the Southampton Princess on a hill and I know that has a beach on the other side where we were.

 Grandeur of the Seas Tied Up To King's Wharf Pier

We really didnít have much time in Bermuda.  We had to be back on board the ship at 3:00 PM.  A lot of people were upset actually because the ship was originally supposed to stay here overnight.


We headed across the street from the ferry and headed up Queen Street looking for Windsor Palace.  I would find out quickly that I didnít look at the map closely enough and it was actually Windsor Place.  Iím looking for a huge palace and canít find anything but stores. 


We did stop into The Museum of the Bermuda Historical Society.  This was a four room museum that had some ship models and a lot of 18th and 19th century ceramic ware and silverware.  Amazingly though dad actually called Craig in Maryland on his cell phone from the museum. 


From the museum we went up the hill to Church Street.  I was pushing momís wheelchair up this hill and dad is crying that itís killing him.  Of course, when I realized we came up this hill to find a palace that didnít exist that made it a little funnier from my side.  We walked down Church Street and saw the city hall and Anglican Cathedral but we didnít go inside either.  I decided it was better to just go back down the hill and go to Front Street which was on the water and nice and level.

 Bermuda Disembarking Picture

That didnít help much either though as while walking down Front Street dad told me he had to stop.  We were a block away from Flanaganís Irish Pub which had an outside upper deck so we headed there to get lunch.  We saw our table mates from the first night aboard the ship for the second time in Hamilton and they jokingly asked if we were following them.


Mom and dad had eaten at Flanaganís before and it was pretty good.  I had an appetizer platter and they had fish and chips.  I ended up finishing momís fish and chips like usual.  Weíve really got to only get two meals and split them between us.  Outside Flanaganís they had a Beer Prayer that was based on the Lordís Prayer.  I decided this was the perfect Christmas present for my drunken friends so I got one for everyone and quickly finished my Christmas shopping for the year.

 Bermuda Historical Society Museum

Flanaganís was also where we watched mom try to take our picture with my camera for about 5 minutes.  First we couldnít explain to her that the camera was like an old camera where you actually look through the viewfinder not the display.  She kept holding the camera out away from her face.  Then she couldnít find the button to actually take the picture even though I kept moving her finger to the button.  Itís amazing she actually finally took the picture. 


It was about 12:45 PM so we headed back to the ferry.  We got to the boat at about 12:55 PM and ended up waiting until 1:30 PM to leave.  It was weird that while we were waiting there were no seats left but as soon as the boat left a bunch of seats opened up.  I was at the area that people would have been standing to enjoy the view and there were only a couple of people standing back there.  Iím glad that some seats opened up because I could tell dad was hurting to sit down.


It started to rain as soon as we got back to the ship at 2:00 PM and there was a line to get back on the ship that extended out from under cover of the customs building.  There were some real nice people who said to put mom under the cover of the building and then they almost got violent when they told us to just cut the line.  Iíve never liked people who cut line and I know dad doesnít.  It even happened to us twice today in lines and it amazes me how people couldnít care less about everyone else waiting patiently in line.  Well I still wanted to buy a Bermuda souvenir so I left dad who finally succumbed to the crowd telling him to cut the line.

 Hamilton, Bermuda City Hall And Arts Centre

I walked around the Kingís Wharf Royal Navy Docks area to find a souvenir store and that ended up taking me awhile.  I went to where one sign said there was a store and when I got there it was closed for renovations.  I ended up going to the mall across the harbor and found a store with Bermuda souvenirs in the last store in the mall.  That took me 30 minutes and I walked back to the ship in 10 minutes giving me 20 to spare for the 3:00 PM embarkation time.


 I was pretty wet running around in the rain for almost 40 minutes but I wanted to get my sales report done and I had my computer with me just in case I found Wi-Fi access in Hamilton.  I went up to the Royal Caribbean Online Center on Deck 8 and no one was there.  So I went to Guest Relations and they told me to go back to Royal Caribbean Online Center and swipe my card into the computer and follow the directions from there to get Wi-Fi access.  After doing that I headed to the Solarium which is one of 7 hotspots on the ship to get connected.  Everything worked fine, I purchased the 150 minutes for $50 package.  I used about 10 minutes doing my sales report and checking my email.

 Hamilton, Bermuda Waterfront

I stopped by the Ben & Jerryís on the way back to the room to get dad his chocolate milk shake with vanilla ice cream.  I got the same guy that dad had so many problems with last night but I was able to talk him through dadís process.  I didnít call it a milk shake.  Instead I told him I needed a milk shake with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.  Amazingly my verbal skills successfully produced the chocolate milk shake with vanilla ice cream.  I also found out that all the cookies, cakes and brownies at Ben & Jerryís were free, only the milk shake cost extra.  They have a mudslide cookie with white chocolate chunks that is out of this world. 


I took the milk shake to dad and gloated that I apparently had superior verbal skills since I got him his milk shake like he wanted.  Usually I would expect him to fight back about this point but I think he was just happy to have his milk shake.


Back to the room where I chilled out for a little while before getting ready for dinner.  Mom and dad made it to dinner tonight which was outstanding again.  I had fish chowder, Caesar salad,  Flounder stuffed with crabmeat and a piece of cake that was supposed to be chocolate cake with a white chocolate topping.  It ended up being white chocolate on both layers. 


Clyde and Debbie had gone on the glass bottom boat trip which they enjoyed.  John, Carol and their kids got a day pass for island transportation and took a bus to some caves.  It sounded like they had a great time.  They said the people on the busses were incredibly nice.  Apparently everyone on the bus wishes you a good day as you walk down the bus to your seat.  Their daughter, Alison, is the splitting image of Ellen Raffertyís (now Ellen Young) little girl Torie.


Yogi came to the table with a good table brain teaser.  He took toothpicks and made them look like VII = I.  We got to move one tooth pick to make the two sides equal each other.  Dad moved the second I over the V and said it was 01 = 1.  He was close but Yogi didnít accept his answer.  Yogi took the same tooth pick and added it to the top of the V and over the first I making it look like the square root of 1 = 1.  Very clever.

 Glenn Smith Playing In The Palladium Theater

I came back to the room and wrote in my journal and downloaded my pictures for the day.  At about 8:40 PM I went to get mom and dad for tonightís show in the Palladium Theater.  Glenn Smith who is a Las Vegas entertainer.  His speaking voice sounded very familiar.  Hi was very good and funny. He played piano and the fiddle for ďThe Devil Went Down To GeorgiaĒ.  He really interacted well with the Royal Caribbean Orchestra, especially the regular piano player.  One bit had him talking about how good a piano player he was and how they had been getting closer and closer during the cruise. He kept putting his had on the piano playerís shoulder who kept knocking it off.  He ended by saying the piano player was now his fiancť even though he wasnít completely happy about it. 

We ended the night by going to the Ben & Jerryís again so dad could use my computer at the Wi-Fi hotspot in this location.  I got him another milk shake just to rub in my superior ordering skills again.  I went and bought our Bermuda disembarking picture also while he worked on the computer.  We split up at about 11:00 PM to go back to our rooms.  I did tell them not to wake me up again at 9:30 AM on a day at sea and that I didnít need to go to breakfast.  Itís now about 11:45 PM and Iím off to sleep. 

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